Canadian Women's Health Publication Celebrates 20th Anniversary in Print!

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Not many not-for-profit publications survive more than five years, but A Friend Indeed -- a specialized publication for women in menopause and midlife -- celebrates its 20th year anniversary with its March/April 2004 issue.

Janine O’Leary Cobb, a Canadian mother of five, who taught sociology and humanities at a college in Montreal, conceived of A Friend Indeed (AFI) in 1983, when she experienced symptoms of menopause, but could find almost no helpful information. "I got the idea for a newsletter for menopausal women that could be both a source of information and a support group through the mail," Janine says.

A Friend Indeed is now published under the umbrella of the Women’s Health Clinic in Winnipeg, a community health center run by and for women. AFI retains its unique approach in allowing the voices of menopausal women to be heard and taken seriously, says President Holly Banner.

AFI, published six times a year, provides timely, well-researched and balanced information about a wide range of health issues that matter to midlife women.

Each issue of AFI includes "The Exchange" -- a forum where women can ask questions, and receive responses from the editor, our expert advisory board or from other readers. "Over the past 20 years, thousands of women have written. Their stories reveal frustrations, helpful suggestions and often a creative approach to solving problems," Banner says.

Lead articles and "Hot Flashes" provide an in-depth, documented look at current topics. Popular back issues include alternative, non-hormonal approaches to menopause and aging; the pros and cons of hormone therapy; peri-menopause; sexuality; and myths of dieting.

For a complimentary sample issue and further information, please visit, or contact (204) 989-8028.