Filmmaker seeks funds to finish film about female slavery in Ghana

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Independent filmmaker Christene Browne, based in Toronto, is currently working on a film that deals with the little known system of bondage in Ghana, called Trokosi. 

Trokosi is a religious practise whereby young virgins girls are made slaves to shrines for offences committed by a members of their family. To appease local gods, the girls are bonded to the priest of the shrine for life and become their domestic and sexual servants. 

Browne’s goal in making this film is to bring the plight of the Trokosi and the issue of modern day slavery to the forefront.

She is trying to raise awareness about the project to raise the necessary funds to make the film a reality. 

Find more info on the project here. (PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE)

If you have any questions, please contact Christene by email: or by phone: (416) 531-0857.