Health at Every Size: Can we make peace with obesity?

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Health at Every Size (HAES) is a movement of people who maintain that heavy weight in itself is not the villain it is being portrayed as. HAES advocates believe that adopting healthy behaviours – and not focussing on one’s weight – is the way to good health.

Healthy Living at Your Size 
By Francie Berg, National Eating Disorder Information Centre, 2008
A leading advocate of the HAES movement talks about ways to be healthy without focussing on trying to lose weight.

What Is “Health at Every Size”? 
By Deb Burgard, National Eating Disorder Information Centre, 2005
Describes HAES approach differs from a conventional treatment model in its emphasis on self-acceptance and healthy day-to-day behaviours, whether weight changes or not.

Health at Every Size Community
The website of a HAES community that supports people of all sizes in addressing health directly by adopting healthy behaviours.

Association for Size, Diversity and Health
An international professional organization of individuals committed to Health at Every Size principles.


Women, gender and obesity