Ten years later: Are we wiser about hormone therapy?

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It’s been 10 years since the Women’s Health Initiative halted their historic study of post-monpauasal women on estrogen plus progestin hormone therapy - the largest study of older women ever conducted - due to health concerns.  

What have we learned since then? Are hormones still being prescribed to older women, and is the safety of these drugs still being debated? 

Read about what has happened in the past decade and what the current practice is, in commentaries from the National Women’s Health Network and Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Challenging Unproven Medicine and Saving Lives - National Women’s Health Network

The Women’s Health Initiative Studies, Ten Years Later - Our Bodies, Our Blog

The NWHN is also collecting stories from women who took or were offered hormone therapy before the WHI; who refused it because of the study’s findings; were involved in the study as researchers or participants; and other health care providers, advocates, and individuals affected by the WHI.

To learn more about this project and to participate, visit their website.