Last call for CWHN’s FREE publications!

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This is the last call for the Canadian Women’s Health Network’s (CWHN) offer of FREE publications (including the mailing cost). We’re pleased to offer non-commercial women’s health information and resources that you can trust.

Here is the list of publications (more details below):

- Women and Wait Times (English and French)
- Maternity Matters (French)
- Evidence for Caution: What Women Need to Know About Statins (English and French)

Please send Magali Rootham an email (outreach AT including: how many copies of each publication you/your organization would like (10, 20, 50, 150 or more) and your address. Respond quickly, we’re running out!

You're also invited to come find us on Facebook ( ) and on Twitter (!/CdnWomensHealth ).

We’d also be happy to connect with you or your organization if you tell us how to find you.

Feel free to circulate this message widely to any people, groups or organizations that may be interested.

Thank you!

Detailed list of publications:

Women and Wait Times - Why are wait times women's issues, and what are the issue for women?
Women and Health Care Reform, 2008
Demonstrate a gender-based analysis of wait times with respect to hip and knee replacements. Recommends that this model be applied to research and policy in other clinical areas and to the examination of wait times in general.

Maternity Matters
Women and Health Care Reform, 2007
Explores concerns about the state of maternity care.

Evidence for Caution: What women need to know about statins
Women and Health Protection, 2009
Statins are prescription drugs that lower cholesterol. This comprehensive pamphlet provides a summary of cautionary facts women need to know about the use of statins.