Sex, gender and diversity-based analysis checklist

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Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
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Ottawa, ON

Aims to to encourage and provide guidance to the substance abuse workforce for taking the initial steps towards applying SGDBA to all of their activities. Summarises the processes of applying a sex, gender and diversity lens when developing initiatives, including providing a helpful checklist to guide one through the first steps. Outlines a simplified process that lays the groundwork for future and more comprehensive sex, gender and diversity-based analysis as resources become available.

Developed by CCSA in collaboration with Nancy Poole, Colleen Dell, and the National Advisory Group on Youth Substance Abuse Prevention, to ensure that the needs and realities of boys and girls, women and men, and diverse populations are considered within A Drug Prevention Strategy for Canada’s Youth—a national prevention strategy that aims to reduce illicit drug use by Canadian youth between the ages of 10–24. The tool can be applied to all substance abuse initiatives, from treatment to prevention to workforce development and enforcement.

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Includes bibliographical references.