Focus on poverty in Canada

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Le point sur la pauvreté au Canada
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Marcel Lauzière (Ed.)
Volume 29, No. 3 & 4
Perception (Canadian Council on Social Development)
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Ottawa ON

An issue of Perception devoted to poverty, including articles on: Defining and re-defining poverty in Canada, Towards a National Ideal: Canada Without Poverty by 2020, Four Cornerstones of a Workable National Strategy for Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador's Action Plan to Reduce Poverty, Quebec's Law Against Poverty and Social Exclusion: An Interview with Alain Noel, "Why is it so tough to get ahead?", Using social data for success, as well as a new report on economic well-being of children in North America and an update on the Canadian Social Forum.

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ISSN: 0704-5263