Aboriginal maternal and infant health in Canada: review of on-reserve programming

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Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence (PWHCE)
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R. Stout
R. Harp
Indigena Creative Group
Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence, BC Women's Health Centre of Excellence
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April 2009
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Winnipeg, MB

The past two decades have seen an incrementally steady development in maternal and
infant health programming targeted to Aboriginal communities. This paper reviewed
existing maternal and infant health programs and guidelines as administered under
the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch. While the aim here is help assess the extent
to which populations may be under-served or un-served by current Aboriginal
maternal and infant programming, it is by no means intended to discredit the efforts
of FNIHB, but simply to highlight where further spending could lead to better health
outcomes for a greater number of people.

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