Mothers with a history of childhood sexual abuse are invited to participate in a research study through the University of Manitoba

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I am a female doctoral student at the University of Manitoba and I am looking at how mothers with a history of childhood sexual abuse nurture and care for themselves.

While the extent of a child sexual abuse survivor’s long range suffering has been well studied, very little is known about the self-care efforts of women survivors. I am inviting mothers (of any age) who have been sexually abused as a child or teenager by a male family member (not necessarily blood related) to participate in this study. 

Mothers will be asked to take pictures for 1-2 weeks showing ways they nurture and care for themselves. A camera will be provided and no experience taking pictures is necessary. No photographs will be taken of the women themselves. Two private meetings will take place (3 hours in total) to answer a questionnaire and discuss the photographs. No travel is necessary as we can meet at your home or private local location. Each mother will receive $50 gift card from a local retailer to thank them for their time and help.

This research is completely confidential. This means that no one else will see your pictures without your permission, and what you say to me will not be shared with anyone else.

The protection and comfort of the women who agree to participate in this study is of utmost concern. Therefore, I am seeking only survivors with past or current counseling for their sexual abuse. This research has been approved by the Joint Faculty Research Ethics Board at the University of Manitoba.

If this sound like something you are interested in, or have any questions, please call email me ( to talk further.

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