Finding Data on Women

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2007, Status of Women Canada

This document was produced by Statistics Canada for Status of Women Canada to give policy analysts, women's groups, organizations, researchers and other data users a comprehensive overview of the scope and diversity of data available on Canadian women and men, as well as an indication of the ways in which these data can be used. While not exhaustive, the report highlights the wealth of information on women and men that Statistics Canada collects and disseminates. Together, data gathered by Statistics Canada present a picture of the broad range of roles and diversity of lives of women and men living in Canada today.

The first section of this document discusses the various formats in which data are made available, from periodicals and print publications to electronic versions and vehicles, including the Internet. The second section presents a summary of the major social data sources and surveys at Statistics Canada and describes their general purpose, periodicity, geography, available characteristics, and sample size. In all cases data from social data sources and surveys are available by sex. Contact information has been included for each survey or data source.

The third section includes a topic-by-topic discussion of the types of data, along with a discussion of the types of analysis for which the data can be used. The fourth section covers new initiatives and research on social data at Statistics Canada. The report concludes with a glossary of statistical terms defined in plain language.

Read the full report: Finding Data on Women: A Guide to Major Sources at Statistics Canada (PDF 664KB/144p.)