The Health of Franco-Ontarian Women

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The Health of Franco-Ontarian Women was written on behalf of the Ontario Women’s Health Network (OWHN) by Guylaine Leclerc with the support of the National Network on Environments and Women’s Health. This project evolved out of the work of the OWHN Francophone Advisory Committee who identified the need for this work on the status of Franco-Ontarians’ health, and specifically the status of women’s health. This document provides a review of the literature on the health of Franco-Ontarians, identifies the gaps in the literature on women and the specific issues they face in terms of their health and access to health care and details the three major priorities that developed from the Table féministe francophone de concertation provinciale de l’Ontario study, Les Conditions de possibilité des services de santé et des services sociaux en français en Ontario : un enjeu pour les femmes.