Current Research Published by the Centres of Excellence for Women's Health Program

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The five Centres of Excellence for Women's Health promote much-needed research on women's health in Canada and direct more attention to the vital health concerns of women. Across the country, the Centres are working hard to identify key women's health issues and research them. They are building local and national networks to bring together researchers, community and policy partners working to improve the health of women.

Here are some recent developments in each centre.

British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health (BCCEWH)

Recently sponsored publications include: "Hearing Voices": Mental Health Care for Women

(Marina Morrow & Monika Chappell), and Reformed or Rerouted? Women and Change in the Health Care System (Colleen Fuller).

The BC Centre is also hosting the National Gender Economic Costing Group.

Contact the BC Centre for more information (604) 875-2633.

Le Centre d'excellence pour la santé des femmes - Consortium Université de Montréal

Some recently sponsored publications: Aboriginal Women and Maternity: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Caroline Tait & Laverne Contois), and New Beginnings in a New Millennium. Designing and Developping an Urban Aboriginal Women's Wellness Resource Centre for the Year 2000 (Laverne Contois).

CESAF is holding a conference April 25th on La réforme des services de santé et des services sociaux : qu'en est-il pour les aidantes?

Contact CESAF for more information (514) 343-6758.

Maritime Centre of Excellence for Women's Health

The Maritime Centre has recently produced: Women's Health in Atlantic Canada: A Statistical Portrait (Ronald Colman) and Social Investment: It's Time to Invest in New Brunswick's Children, Families, and Communities A Working Paper (The New Brunswick Reference Group).

Are Atlantic Canadian Women Falling Behind? is a question the Centre asked in a call to action for women's health and well being in Atlantic Canada on International Women's Day, March 8, 2000.

Contact the Maritime Centre for more information (902) 420-6725.

National Network on Environments and Women's Health

NNEWH recently sponsored: Moving in the Right Direction? Regionalizing Maternal Health Services in British Columbia (Cecilia Benoit et. al.), and Missing Voices In Long-Term Care Policy Making: Elderly Women and Women with Disabilities Receiving Home Care (Jane Aronson).

The Centre also recently funded Gender, Work and Health: An Analysis of the 1994 National Population Health Survey (Peggy McDonough & Vivienne Walters).

Contact NNEWH for more information (416) 736-5941.

Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence

Recently sponsored by the Prairie Centre are: An Exploration of Health-related Impacts of the Erosion of Agriculturally-Focused Support Programs for Farm Women in Saskatchewan (Nicki Gerrard & Gwen Russell), and Coping as a Rural Caregiver: The Impact of Health Care Reforms on Rural Women Informal Caregivers (Bonnie Blakley & JoAnn Jaffe).

The Prairie Centre also had a highly successful release of the report: Invisible Women: Gender and Health Planning in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and Models for Progress (Tammy Horne, Lissa Donner & Wilfreda E. Thurston).

Contact the Prairie Centre for more information (204) 786-9048.