Editor's note: Thanks for Having Me!

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For the last five months I have had the pleasure of serving as interim Director of Communications for the Canadian Women's Health Network (CWHN). It's been quite a ride. Every morning when I opened my computer, there was something new that had the potential to affect the health and well being of Canadian women. We need at least 10 times our current resources to respond to it all. And yet so much is accomplished thanks to the hard work and dedication of the women I have been working with these last few months. So I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the staff, the board and the network of CWHN supporters. They are an inspiring group. Their commitment to advancing women's health and improving women's lives is formidable. It's been gratifying to be a part of the team.

Getting this magazine out has been the icing on the cake. I have learned so much from the women who produced these thoughtful and informative pieces. I want to thank them for being so generous with their time, their energy and their knowledge.

Please send us your comments, questions and concerns about this issue, and your ideas for the next. We want to hear from you. It's just one way that you can become part of the network.

Gwynne Basen
Interim Director of Communications