Blueprint for Action on HIV/AIDS in Canada: Towards 2006

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Coalition will make sure women’s voices are present

Nine months after its founding, the Blueprint for Action on HIV/AIDS in Canada: Towards 2006 ( Blueprint ) has grown from a small group of representatives from five organizations to a thriving coalition of over 60 organizations, and numerous more individual members.

The purpose of Blueprint is to bring together groups and individuals working across the country in the area of HIV/AIDS and women, and to find ways to bring women's issues forward on the national agenda.

In April of this year, Blueprint hosted a national meeting in Ottawa where 30 participants came together to ratify the agenda for Blueprint and begin identifying areas for advocacy over the coming year.

In addition to planning for the upcoming International AIDS Conference in 2006, to be held in Toronto, four areas were identified as requiring attention:

  • Care, Treatment, Support, Prevention and Diagnosis
  • Research on Women's Health and Social Issues
  • Public Policy, Legal, Ethical, Human Rights and Determinants of Health
  • Stigma and Discrimination

Committees were formed to address each area, and are already working to identify priorities and specific desired responses from governments, corporatations and the public.

A formal list of these demands will be prepared for endorsement this fall and released on World AIDS Day this year. This will give us the opportunity to seek a response to these needs and prepare a report that will be released at the 2006 International AIDS Conference.

In preparation for the conference, Blueprint has also begun advocating for the full integration of women's issues into the conference, as well as equal representation among presenters (both invited and in abstract selection processes), and in the granting of scholarships.

To date, members of Blueprint have met with representatives of the Conference Organizing Committee and have received positive feedback on the requests, indicating that there is support for gender equity within the conference planning process. Blueprint will continue to monitor and push this agenda to ensure that women's issues are well represented in Toronto 2006.

If you or your organization are interested in participating in Blueprint, either as a member of one of the committees described above, or as an endorser of the demands to be released on World AIDS Day, please contact Kim Thomas at the Canadian AIDS Society: 1-800-499-1986, ext. 121 or

Mark your calendars!

Toronto will be the site of the XVI International AIDS Conference, August 13-19, 2006

Toronto will be the site of the XVI International AIDS Conference, August 13-19, 2006.

AIDS2006 Toronto will bring together over 15,000 participants from around the world to address the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Conference participants will include researchers, clinicians, community organizations, government representatives and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Let’s make sure women’s voices are heard at this important international forum.

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