The new ourselves, growing older: women aging with knowledge and power

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Paula B. Doress-Worters
Diana Laskin Siegal
Simon & Schuster
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Toronto, ON

Addresses the needs of women over the age of forty. Takes a positive, empowering approach to the physical and emotional health and social well-being of midlife and older women by providing frank and complete information on personal health. Emphasizes the positive potential of the second half of lie and focuses on a vast array of topics, including: aging and well-being; reassessing our body image; contraception and childbearing at midlife; sexuality in the middle and later years; menopause; reform of the medical care system; hypertension, diabetes, hysterectomy; osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer; housing alternatives, work and retirement, money matters.

AGIN.D67 1994 (CWHN Offices)
ISBN 0671872974
Includes bibliographical references.