Development of a model for integrated post-fracture care in Ontario: submitted to the Ontario Women's Health Council

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Susan Jaglal
Ontario Women's Health Council [Government of Ontario]
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Toronto, ON

Presents an extension of previous work reported by Ontario Women's Health Council in their report "A framework and strategy for the prevention and management of osteoporosis (2000)". Offers recommendations for an evidence-based best-practice model for integrated post-fracture care in Ontario. osteoporosis. Provides information on: peer-reviewed literature pertaining to post-fracture care; scope of post-fracture care in Ontario; current models of care in Ontario viz. human and organizational factors influencing care patients receive; and, best-practice initiatives in post-fracture. Offers recommendations, based on literature review and qualitative and quantitative research, for a best-practice model for integrated post-fracture care in Ontario, reflecting complexity of situations with acute management and the role of in-hospital services, and issues of follow-up with primary care health professionals and community-based organizations and services. Aims of the model are: to increase appropriate investigation and treatment of osteoporosis in people who have experienced a fragility fracture; and, to prevent future fractures in such cases.

ISBN 0779454405
OSTE.J34 2003