Are you in crisis?

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Suicide and Depression 

Centre for Suicide Prevention 
Consult this website for an online directory of the crisis phone lines by province, and for a list of online counselling services. It also offers resources for those concerned about someone else who may be at risk.  

Violence and Abuse 

Consult this website for a clickable map of shelters across Canada. Information is available in a number of languages. This website connects abused women to shelters. It was created to provide reliable information for abused women in Canada. 

Elder Abuse 

Consult this website for a list of Provincial and Territorial Contact Numbers and Key National Resources in Canada.

Rape and Sexual Assault 

Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres 
Consult this website for a list of Provincial and Territorial Rape Crisis Centres, Transition Houses and Women’s Centres across Canada.  

Poison Control Centres

Canadian Association of Poison Control Centres  
Consult this website for a clickable map of poison control centres in Canada. If you have a poisoning emergency contact your provincial poison centre by telephone immediately. If the victim is unconscious, not breathing or having a seizure, call 911.

Counseling Services

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
Consult this website for a list of certified counsellors divided by Province and Territory.   

Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia

National Eating Disorder Information Centre 
Consult this website for their service provider directory for valuable information and resources.

Farm and Rural Stress Lines

Canadian Rural Information Service
Consult this website for a list of local crisis centres for each province and territory in Canada.

Food Banks

Canadian Association of Food Banks 
Consult this website for a clickable map of food banks in Canada.

Crisis Shelters - Housing

Resources for people who are homeless
Consult this website for a list of resources in major cities in Canada for people who are homeless. Resources for smaller cities are included in listings for the nearest major centre.

Legal Information

Consult this website for free legal information. Information is provided by Province and Territory as well as by subjects.