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Podcasts on Women’s Health

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In celebration of International Women's Day - March 8th, 2009 - The Women's Health Research Network is launching a new series of podcasts. The WHRN is pleased to offer this new resource to women's health researchers around the world! Follow this link to listen online, download a podcast, and leave a comment -

For more information about the WHRN, please visit our website.

New website: Bone Health 4 Women

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The Bone Health 4 Women website (bonehealth4women.ca) was developed using a participatory approach that engaged women from the community and registered dietitians as peer collaborators. The overarching goal of the website is to bring forward bone health-promoting messages in a manner that closely meets the needs of end users of this resource – health professionals, their clients, and the general public – that will help increase the attention given to bone health.

We hope you will enjoy your visit! Let us know what you think!

Visit the Bone Health 4 Women website.

Final week of blogging carnival for women

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The fourth and final week of the blogging carnival is kicking off on kickaction.ca, so come by to check out what our six guest bloggers have to say about pop culture, media, and that thing some people call ‘hypersexualization.’

For more information about the blogging carnival or to read the blogs, check out the website.

Rural and Remote Communities Take Action to Build Responsive Programs

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Communities Achieving Responsive Services (CARS) project has launched a new website to provide resources to help rural and remote communities in Canada build more responsive local community programs. CARS cultivates local leadership by providing training, support and mentoring to communities through site visits, group gatherings, web-based supports and distance training sessions. The goal is to support networking and local leadership that will help communities work together to ensure that local services are accessible, responsive and culturally appropriate in communities across this country.

The website was developed by Rural Voices for Early Childhood Education and Care in partnership with the Canadian Women's Health Network and funded by HRSDC Social Development Partnership Canada.

See the new website.

Girls Action Foundation

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It is with enthusiasm and excitement that POWER Camp National-Filles d’action officially announce our new name:  Fondation filles d’action – Girls Action Foundation.

 POWER Camp National-Filles d’action has filled an important gap in girls’ education across Canada, becoming a leading national organization for girls and young women in the process.  We have chosen to bring our English name in line with our French one as “girls learning through action” is truly at the heart of the work that we do. From girls programs and media arts trainings to leadership skill-building and train-the-trainers programs, action has always been a central element of our approach, who we are and what we are known for.

By adding “foundation” we are also reflecting our active role in providing resources to girls’ programs and young women. We believe that “Fondation Filles d’action – Girls Action Foundation” better communicates and makes clear to our community, our friends, our supporters and the community at large what we are about.

As we continue to grow and increase our impact, engaging girls and young women in finding and using their voices, we contribute to building a world of social justice and hope for the future!  Come take a look at our new Website.

Miss G_ Project for Equity in Education

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The Miss G_ Project for Equity in Education is a grassroots young feminist organization working to combat all forms of oppression in and through education, including sexism, homophobia, racism and classism.

Dedicated to feminist anti-oppression politics with a strong focus on education, our mandate is to provide young people, particularly young women, with the opportunity, support, and resources necessary to analyze and influence issues that affect their lives and futures. This includes acting as a community resource and mounting political actions towards the ongoing improvement of publicly funded education to meet its own policy commitments to equity in education, respect for diversity, critical thinking, and the provision of a safe and secure environment.

Our current objective is to get a Women's & Gender Studies Course into the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum.

Women's Healthy Environments Network

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WHEN E-Newsletter won’t fill up your inbox but it will provide you with timely and relevant information on the issues that matter you. This is a quarterly publication that combines facts, commentary, interesting links and fun!

No One is Illegal-Vancouver

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No One is Illegal-Vancouver is a grassroots anti-colonial immigrant and refugee rights collective with leadership from members of migrant and/or racialized backgrounds. Our collective is predominantly people of colour and women. We are an all-volunteer group; none of our organizers are paid.

The No One is Illegal campaign has two goals: to attain concrete victories for immigrants and refugees and to develop the communities’ own capacity to attain justice and dignity for themselves and their families.

Midwifery Bridging Project

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The Midwifery Bridging Project (MMBP) is a bridging program for qualified midwives educated outside of Canada. It’s designed to help you learn how to use your skills in a Canadian context.  The MMBP will assist you to prepare to meet the requirements for registering and practising as a midwife in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or the Northwest Territories. 

The Canadian Best Practices Portal for Health Promotion

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The primary goals of the Canadian Best Practices Portal are to: develop and disseminate best practices information for chronic disease prevention and control interventions; provide decision makers with a comprehensive and standardized resource about best practices for chronic disease prevention and control; create awareness of the overall Canadian Best Practices System through communication and marketing activities targeted to decision makers in health promotion, public health and chronic disease prevention range from frontline public health workers to non-government and voluntary organization program administrators to provincial ministers of health. 

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