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International Congress on Women, Work, Health

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October 27 to 30, 2008  Zacatecas City, Mexico

The general objective of this V Congress is to give continuity to the four previous events, in respect to the discussion and creation of an agenda focused on women's work and health issues, as well as organizational issues.

The following specific objectives have been considered:

-To make progress in the discussion on the main subjects related to women's work and health issues at the local, national, Latin American and international levels.

-To make progress in the organization of women for the improvement of paid and unpaid work conditions at the local and global levels.

-To propitiate / promote the coordination of efforts amongst all actors whose mission is a commitment towards women, focused on work and health issues.

More information is available on their website.

Body Literacy and Fertility Awareness: Building Community & Envisioning the Future

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May 14 - 17, 2009 Edmonton, AB
Justisse-Healthworks for Women is pleased to host a conference for Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner graduates and students, fertility awareness instructors, and other holistic well-woman care providers. This is an exciting opportunity for us all to come together and share our particular area of interest and expertise in the field of fertility awareness education, body literacy, and holistic reproductive health care. The purpose of this conference is to build community among HRHP and FAM educators by sharing and dialoging about our knowledge, experience, strengths, and vision for our work and the collective work.

More information is available on-line


Checking in: Health for All or Health for Some ?

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October 26 - 29, 2008 Ottawa, ON

15th Canadian Conference on International Health

This conference will provide a kaleidoscope of perspectives on primary health care and offer a forum for re-examining both successes and failures of practice, policies and research. Practitioners, community members, policy makers and researchers will meet to explore new global partnerships, to share new visions and ways of working in primary health care that offer possibilities for achieving improvements to community health, progress toward the Millennium Development Goals, improved equity on the social determinants of health, and strengthened health systems. More information is available on-line

Building Equitable Partnerships Symposium 2008

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November 5-7, 2008  Toronto, ON

Reducing Health Disparities Through Collaborative Action between Diverse Communities, Mental Health & Addictions Service Providers and Policy Makers

In the mental health and addictions services system, creating an accessible, client and family-centred system depends on commitment and action to build equitable partnerships between and among diverse and marginalized communities and groups, grassroots organizations, mainstream agencies and funders. This symposium will provide a forum for dialogue among groups that have a stake in the delivery of culturally competent mental health and addictions and related health care, resulting in not only greater understanding of but action on building equitable partnerships for health. This will be a dynamic symposium, with a key objective of collectively crafting recommendations around best practice and governance issues related to equitable partnerships. 

To receive a Call for Presenters package and/or Registration information, please contact Mary Austin.

Third Global Congress of Women in Politics and Governance "Gender and Climate Change"

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Oct 19-22, 2008 Manila, Philippines  

Women and environment experts have raised concern over the absence of women in the discourse and debate on climate change, a global mainstream issue that is currently impacting the entire world. The involvement of women in areas of environmental management and governance should not be perceived as an afterthought. Women's roles are of considerable importance in the promotion of environmental ethics.

You can also download the full information sheet and registration form for this Third Global Congress of Women in Politics and Governance.

Canadian Alliance of Community Health Centre Associations (CACHCA)  2008 National Conference

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October 5 - 7, 2008  Winnipeg, MB

Putting Community in Community Health
Looking In:

Working Together (Improving access, Interdisciplinary teams, Cultural responsiveness, Client centred health care)

Involving Community (Governance issues, Community involvement, Access centres, Volunteer participation/direct service, Community advisory groups, Workforce issues in community health delivery)

Looking out:

Taking it to the Streets (Partnerships, Inter-sectoral networking, Community capacity building, Health promotion, Population health, Determinants of health )

Taking Action (Advocacy, Building coalitions, Publicly funded Medicare issues, Forwarding the 2nd stage of Medicare)

For more information visit CACHCA or contact Rhonda Lorch, Lorch and Associates, Conference Coordinator.

3rd Annual Human Placenta Workshop

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July 27-August 2, 2008  Kingston, ON
An intensive week long wet laboratory and lecture program devoted to development of basic understanding of the human placenta and approaches to its study.

This intensive, hands-on workshop is aimed towards Graduate students,Post-Docs, medical students, nurses, doctors and researchers who wish to gain both practical and theoretical knowledge of human placentology.  This program also seeks to create new scientific networks while promoting young investigators and women's health during pregnancy! Download course application form, or contact the course coordinators for additional information on the Queen’s University website.

8th World Indigenous Women’s & Wellness Conference: Building on Traditional Wisdom & Knowledge

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September 29-October 1, 2008  Calgary, AB

In celebration of women’s honor, the conference theme will focus on: Building on Traditional Wisdom & Knowledge within Indigenous families and communities world wide.  The conference will share success stories on issues of violence and relationships in Indigenous communities and learn from effective strategies that promote wellness in home environment and communities globally. To register contact Josie Nepinak  at josien@awotaan.org


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