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CanWest Global Attacks Drug Ad Laws

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"Canada's biggest media empire has launched a lawsuit to strike down restrictions against prescription drug advertising. But your media isn't telling you about it--find out why, and what the potential danger is to you, from independent freelance researcher and journalist Rob Wipond.   View the video.

Beware 'siren song' of privatizers, U.S. doctor tells Canadians

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Canada's publicly funded health insurance program known as Medicare "is one of the best health care systems in the world," a leading U.S. health policy expert says, but is being threatened by government underfunding and by those who would partially privatize it under the guise of reducing wait times for elective medical procedures.

Dr. Marcia Angell, a senior lecturer at Harvard Medical School, writes in the Oct. 21 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) that Canada's health expenditures are half those in the United States - US$3,326 per person versus US$6,697. Yet, in sharp contrast to the U.S., Canada's health system guarantees essential medical care to all of the country's residents. Read Privatizing health care is not the answer: lessons from the United States.

'Estrogen flooding our rivers,' Université de Montréal study

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The Montreal water treatment plant dumps 90 times the critical amount of certain estrogen products into the river. It only takes one nanogram (ng) of steroids per liter of water to disrupt the endocrinal system of fish and decrease their fertility. Read the complete article.

Reports of domestic violence on rise among Canada's soldiers

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CBC News

The Canadian military is receiving an increasing number of reports about soldiers acting out violently against their families, according to the NDP defence critic Dawn Black.  Read the complete article.

A Harper Majority Government Would Pass Anti-Abortion Restrictions

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Courtesy of a survey of MPs by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), the ranks of known anti-choice MP’s in the current Parliament have just swelled. In 2006, we estimated that 32% of all MPs were anti-choice based on their records. Thanks to a recent list published by CLC, that number is now known to be at least 40%. About 74% of Conservative and 28% of Liberal MPs are anti-choice. In addition, the total number of anti-choice MPs could be as high as 49% if votes for Bill C-484 are counted as part of an anti-choice record (94% of Conservatives and 29% of Liberals).  Read more on the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada website.

Getting serious about the social determinants of health: new directions for public health workers

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International interest in the social determinants of health and their public policy antecedents is increasing. Despite evidence that as compared to other wealthy nations Canada presents a mediocre population health profile and public policy environments increasingly less supportive of health, the Canadian public health gaze is firmly — and narrowly — focused on lifestyle issues of diet, physical activity and tobacco use. Much of this has to do with Canada being identified as being driven by a liberal political economy, a situation shared with a cluster of other developed nations. Reasons for Canada's neglect of structural and public policy issues are explored and ways by which public health workers in Canada and elsewhere can help to shift policymakers and the general public's understandings of the determinants of health are outlined.   Read the complete article written by Dennis Raphael. 

Cervical cancer vaccine is popular, but fails to cure doubts

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By Elisabeth Rosenthal, International Herald Tribune

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In two years, cervical cancer has gone from obscure killer confined mostly to poor nations to the West's disease of the moment.

Tens of millions of girls and young women have been vaccinated against the disease in the United States and in Europe in the two years since two vaccines were given government approval in many countries and, often, recommended for universal use among females from 11 to 26.

Read the article.

National Report Cards Measuring Responses to Women's, Young Women's and Girls' HIV/AIDS Issues

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The Blueprint for Action on Women and HIV/AIDS is a multi-sector coalition of HIV-positive women, Canadian and international HIV/AIDS organizations, and a variety of women's and reproductive rights groups advocating for better prevention, services and supports for women and girls infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Report Card: Canada, August 2008  Overall: We demand adequate, appropriate and sustained resources for improved programming and policies

Report Card Backgrounder: Canada, August 2008  Women in Canada are increasingly becoming infected with HIV. The proportion of females has risen steadily over time, from 11.3% in the years between 1985 and 1996 to 27.8% of adult positive HIV test reports in 2006.

National Day of Action Against Bill C-484

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There will be a national day of action against Bill C-484, the "Unborn Victims of Crime Act" on Sunday, September 28, with events and protests happening across the country. See more info about Bill C-484 and the danger it poses to women's rights and abortion rights on the website. This bill will be reviewed by a Parliamentary committee in early fall, in preparation for 3rd Reading vote. The purpose of the protest is to send a strong public message that this bill must be voted down! Contact Joyce Arthur at the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada by email jharthur@shaw.ca or visit the website for local details

Petition to support Morgentaler

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Action Canada for Population and Development has launched an online petition to support the decision to award Dr. Henry Morgentaler with the Order of Canada on July 1, 2008. Sign the petition.

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