Women and Mental Health

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CWHN.ca provides a portal to hundreds of articles, webinars, research reports and other resources on the topic of mental health for women and girls. The following selection is compiled for easy access from one location on the website.

Browse the resources posted here and search in the CWHN e-Library for even more...

Recent articles/reviews/columns:

Book Review: Committed to the Sane Asylum - Review by Jane Shulman

Uncharted Territory: Exploring how women’s experiences are documented in psychiatric settings -- Network article by Jane Shulman

No quick fix: A story of DIY recovery from psychiatric drugs and misdiagnosis -- Network article by Kate Malachite

GUEST COLUMN: Do psychotropic medications increase disability rates in Canada? by Rosemary Barnes and Susan Schellenberg

GUEST COLUMN: Do psychotropic medications increase disability rates in Canada? - See more at: http://www.cwhn.ca/en/node/46190#sthash.jrChu2Aw.dpuf


WEBINAR - Mental health among sexual and gender minority (LGBTQ) women: What are the issues? by the Canadian Women’s Health Network in collaboration with Rainbow Health Ontario and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

WEBINAR - Anti-depressants in pregnancy: Is there evidence of benefit? with Dr. Barbara Mintzes, Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, UBC Centre for Health Services & Policy Research, and Steering Committee member, Women and Health Protection

Health Primer:

Women, Gender and Mental Health and Addictions - CWHN Primer containing research reports, articles, policy papers and links to external resources:

  • Why sex and gender matter in mental health and addictions
  • Women, gender, mental illness and addictions in Canada
  • Women and psychotropic drugs
  • Women and addictions
  • Violence, trauma and mental health
  • Women living in rural and remote settings
  • Links to government programs and resources

Special Issue of Network magazine:

Network magazine, Volume 11, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2009

Mental Health Issue