An ounce of breast cancer prevention…

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It’s absolutely true: over 5,000 women in Canada die of breast cancer every year.

And breast cancer is worth our attention: Roughly 1 in 8 women will develop it, and one in 29 will die from it.

But it’s also true that each year


Maybe that’s because breast cancer has attracted far more attention in the past few decades than either of these two more deadly diseases.

And that’s because “Run for the Cure” and other pink-ribbon campaigns have been extremely successful in raising the profile of breast cancer. Raising the profile is a good thing, but we’d like to see a little more balance. While more women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, more women will die of other diseases.

Unfortunately, none of these pink campaigns have succeeded in funding a cure—despite the billions of dollars they’ve raised with that aspiration in mind.  And finding the cure has been their major focus—with much less attention to the CAUSES of breast cancer and how to PREVENT it.

Breast cancer, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease all have preventable causes.

Isn’t it high time we started working towards prevention?

Read on to learn more about our campaign to promote breast cancer prevention and about all the good organizations who have been working toward this end.

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