Breast Cancer Prevention

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About breast cancer prevention

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Welcome to CWHN’s postcard project “GET THE WORD OUT!” aimed at raising awareness about breast cancer prevention.

You may have seen hard copies of the postcards or you can download them here:

Think Before You Pink
Prevent the root causes
An ounce of prevention

Breast cancer is preventable
- It’s time for action
Link our environments with


The message on each postcard has a companion page here on our website which will provide you with background, resources and ideas for further action.

You can order a FREE set (s) of hard copies of the postcards from the CWHN.

Consider sending the postcards to your MP or MPP, friends, family, and medical societies.

Or use them as book marks and fridge décor!

Post them at work, school and community centres.

Be creative! Please tell us how you have put these messages to use, and GET THE WORD OUT!! Until a cure is found, let’s focus on preventing the disease in the first place.

An ounce of breast cancer prevention…

Can we get beyond pink?

Why are we talking about breast cancer prevention? 

Breast cancer and your workplace: What are the links?

Who’s supporting breast cancer prevention? Get involved!