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Immigrant women, family violence, and pathways out of homelessness

This report states that there has been little investigation into the connections between family violence, immigration, and homelessness of women. Abused immigrant women and Canadian-born women face similar barriers to independent living; however, the migration process can present additional challenges for immigrant women. For abused immigrant women, homelessness is often cyclical and compounded by a range of factors; ability to speak English , knowledge of Canadian systems, cultural background, and family structure all profoundly affect the immigrant woman’s experience of the pathways into and out of homelessness. In order to prevent homelessness and to plan programs and policies for populations, theoretical models that address key solutions and acknowledge critical temporal factors are required.

The report was prepared for the National Secretariat on Homelessness and eceived funding from the National Research Program of the National Homelessness Initiative and the Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration (PCERII).

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Published: May 2006
Precarious housing in Canada

Research and policy report with a gender analysis that sets out a pragmatic, five-point plan for improving the health of the millions of Canadians who are living in substandard, over-crowded and unaffordable homes – plus those who are living without any housing at all.

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Published: 2010
Homelessness, housing, and harm reduction: stable housing for homeless people with substance use issues

An investigation of innovative housing programs in Canada and throughout the world that best help women and men who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and who have issues associated with substance use.

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Published: 2005
Winnipeg street health report 2011

Presents the results of a 2010 survey on the physical and mental health status of 300 homeless people in Winnipeg. Found that women have quite different health care needs than men. For example, 15% had given birth while homeless, almost half of the women were victims of sexual assault, and 25% of the women had not had a Pap test in three years.

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Published: 2011
In from the margins: a call to action on poverty, housing and homelessness

Senate report based on the testimony from a myriad of expert witnesses, site visits, roundtables and from those living in poverty and homelessness. Concludes that "far too many Canadians living in cities live below any measure of the poverty line; that too many people struggle to find and maintain affordable housing; and that an increasing number of Canadians are homeless". Finds that despite the thoughtful efforts and many promising practices of governments’, the private sector, and community organizations, that are helping many Canadians, the system that is intended to lift people out of poverty is substantially broken, often entraps people in poverty, and needs an overhaul. Includes 72 recommendations for action on poverty and homelessness.

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Published: 2009