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Integrated cancer care: holistic, complementary, and creative approaches
'Complementary' therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy and spiritual healing are now being offered within many oncology and palliative care settings.
Published: 2001
Holistic menopause: a new approach to midlife change
Provides information on the physical changes of menopause, as well as offers advice to help women move through the transition and out the other side.
Published: 1998
First Nations women workers' speak, write and research back: child welfare and decolonizing stories
Discusses the impact of the work done by First Nations women Child and Family Services social workers on their health and well-being. Looks at coping strategies. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Standing still and taking stock: the well being interview

This article discusses the possibility of seeing our health on a continuum rather than about health and sickness; Introduces the Well Being Interview (WBI) as a preventative health oriented tool, discusses the benefits and limitations of this tool for women.

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Published: 1980
Birth centres give women another option

This article introduces the birth centre as another option for families. Shares birth stories. Discusses the benefits of midwifery care and birth centre's for some families. 

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Published: 1992
Thoughts on sex without science

This article is about the sexuality of women who have sex with men. Discusses The beginnings of gynecological thought and practice; A call to move from the symptoms-analysis-cure approach to a holistic approach. Encourages women to be their own experts; To think critically about their sexuality and how they feel about their bodies.

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Published: 1980
Myra laramee, medicine woman

This article introduces prairie healer Myra Laramee.  Demonstrates the way to wellness in defiance of the culture of despair surrounding AIDS. 

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Published: 1993
The radical orthodoxy of naturopathic medicine

In this article a medical anthropologist proposes naturopathy as an alternative to the invasive system of drugs and surgery. Describes naturopathy; principles and practice. 

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Published: 1983
The birth control gap

This article explores why women and men so often fail to use birth control. Discusses available research and safety standards. Identifies internal oppressions that effect our decisions. 

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Published: 1985
Candidiasis : beginning to understand a new disease complex

This article explores yeast related illnesses. Lists symptoms and conditions that may be caused by excess yeast in the body. Calls for a more holistic approach to health. 

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Published: 1985