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Applying Inuit cultural approaches in the prevention of family violence and abuse
Addresses spousal, sexual, and child abuse in communities throughout Nunavut. Discusses Inuit traditional values, philosophies and practices as they pertain to the treatment and healing of abused and abusers. (See Details)
What First Nations think about their health and health care
Presents the results of a national public opinion telephone poll on First Nations health issues (Canada). Includes information on First Nations views and opinions regarding certain health and health care issues, including: perceived personal health; access to health care providers; use of the health care system; satisfaction and experience with the health care system; use of, and attitudes towards, traditional Aboriginal healers and medicines; sources of health information; and, opinions on improving Aboriginal health.
Published: 2004
Traditional medicine in contemporary contexts: protecting and respecting indigenous knowledge and medicine
Presents key issues evolving from an environmental scan of traditional medicine, and from focus groups with Elders and healers. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Analysis report: Inuit healing in contemporary Inuit society
Identifies and defines Inuit healing and healers in the context of abuse and violence against women and children. Argues for more emphasis on Inuit healing in order to resolve the raft of social problems plaguing Inuit communities. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Myra laramee, medicine woman

This article introduces prairie healer Myra Laramee.  Demonstrates the way to wellness in defiance of the culture of despair surrounding AIDS. 

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Published: 1993
Midwives and healers : the newfoundland experience

This article is the product of knitting together the collective knowledge of women in outport Newfoundland to gain a deeper understanding of the history of women healers. Highlights the special role of the midwife. 



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Published: 1983