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Living well: Aboriginal women, cultural identity and wellness

Reports on a research project that studied the positive impact of cultural identity on the wellness of Aboriginal women in Manitoba.

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Published: 2005
Living well: Aboriginal women, cultural identity and wellness

Examines the positive impact of cultural identity on the wellness of Aboriginal women in Manitoba and the ways these women have drawn upon cultural values, teaching and knowledge in their efforts to heal.

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Published: 2004
The immigrant women's health handbook
Intended to be used as a health information resource, especially for immigrant and refugee women and women of colour. Gives both generalized and specific information about the reproductive system, cancer, annual check-ups, sexuality, healthy relationships, and well-being. Also includes more detailed sections on the various stages of a women’s reproductive life and information about common illnesses and issues in women’s reproductive health. Some of the topics that are addressed are: puberty, the menstrual cycle, pre-menstrual syndrome, pregnancy, menopause, infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, osteoporosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and birth control methods.
Published: 2002
The women's complete wellness book
Emphasizes ways to help women of all ages stay healthy using prevention, screening, and early detection.
Published: 1998
Prime time: the African American woman's complete guide to midlife health and wellness
Provides a guide to total health in middle age and a celebration of the strength, wisdom, and beauty of African American women in their second half of life.
Published: 2003
Wellness is a state of mind and body: and spirit
Defines personal wellness as a satisfaction with one's state of mind and being. Elaborates on the physical, psychological, and spiritual components of wellness. Provides strategies on developing and improving these elements. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Mid-life adventure : a wilderness survival experience

This article shares a menopausal woman's experience of defying stereotypes, pushing past her assumed limitations and finding her strength. Introduces the wilderness program Outward Bound. 

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Published: 1989
Myra laramee, medicine woman

This article introduces prairie healer Myra Laramee.  Demonstrates the way to wellness in defiance of the culture of despair surrounding AIDS. 

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Published: 1993
Standing still and taking stock: the well being interview

This article discusses the possibility of seeing our health on a continuum rather than about health and sickness; Introduces the Well Being Interview (WBI) as a preventative health oriented tool, discusses the benefits and limitations of this tool for women.

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Published: 1980
Feldenkrais : awareness through movement

This article describes Feldenkrais Movement Therapy, an approach to improve body alignment and motion. 

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Published: 1985