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Another look at menstrual suppression
Argues against eliminating monthly menstruation artificially by ingesting synthetic hormones. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Network/Le Réseau Spring 2006
Published: 2006
Perimenopause: an invented "disease"
Examines the medicalization of regularly occuring symptoms during the years prior to menopause, the so-called "perimenopause." (See Details)
Published: 2003
Women's cycles up for sale: neo-medicalization and women's reproductive health
Examines the medicalization of women's reproductive functions, including treating normal health cycles as problems or illnesses. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Sex, lies & pharmaceuticals: how drug companies plan to profit from “female sexual dysfunction” (webinar)

Drug assessment specialist Dr. Barbara Mintzes looks at the ways women’s sexual difficulties are being repackaged as symptoms of a disorder called “female sexual dysfunction” in order to feed a marketing machine that promises to “cure” it. Dr. Mintzes and Ray Moynihan co-authored the book, Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals.

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Published: 2010
Birthing options

This article discusses the continued struggle of the medicalization of birth for families, questions promising alternative birthing options and whether they have the capacity to bring about concrete change and questions the accessibility of these new birthing options; suggests systemic shifts are still needed.

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Published: 1979
Losing control: the story of hospital work

This article illustrates, through a historical overview, how our concerns as patients are inseparably linked with the structure of hospital work and the well being of workers. Proposes a united and creative front in the battle to end the dehumanization of patients and workers. 

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Published: 1982
Side effects: a dramatic prescription

This article introduces the community theatre production of Side Effects, seen by nearly 10,000 women across Canada, a play about women’s experiences in the health care system.  Illustrates the valuable role this production played.  Major portions of this article are based on the Side Effects Final Report, written and compiled by Barbara Lysnes of The Great Canadian Theatre Company, and on quotes from personal feedback from audience and direct quotes from the Side Effects script.  

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Published: 1986
Menopause in Japan means konenki

This article explores the different experiences and understandings of menopause for women in Japan as compared to women in North America. Acknowledges the power of language in shaping our experiences. 

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Published: 1990
Nurturing mothers

This article discusses the culture of childbearing. Explores how medicalization has becomes the ritual of birth in North America. Explores how women are reclaiming their bodies in birth. 


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Published: 1983