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Understanding aggression with adolescent girls: implications for policy and practice
Examines aggression and the use of violence among female young offenders. Discusses the implications of the results for treatment of female young offenders and the development of public policy. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Aboriginal women too often the victims of racialized, sexualized violence
Examines the urgent state of affairs regarding the safety of Aboriginal women in Canada. Discusses the Sisters In Spirit Initiative. (See Details)
Published: 2007
The girl child: having to 'fit'
Briefly summarizes socio-economic factors which marginalize girls and young women around the world and in Canada. Decries the gender-neutral concept of violence prevalent in Canada which impacts public attitudes, support and funding for gender-specific programs and policies. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Children and youth as victims of violent crime
Finds that children and youth are over represented as victims of police reported sexual assaults. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Focus on social views, not individual behaviour
Discusses how the first step to real prevention of violence, primary prevention, is realizing that it is not just the attitude of abusers that are the problem. Societal attitudes toward violence need to change as well. (See Details)
Published: Spring/Summer 2007
Violence against girls: statistical highlights
Provides data on the percentage of Canadian girls who have been the victims of abuse (physical, sexual, or psychological); sexual assault, or homicide. Includes bibliographic references. (See Details)
Beyond violence, preceded by The legend of the bird who couldn't fly anymore
Presents stories and testimonies on violence in Aboriginal communities. Created to be used as a reflection tool.
Published: 1995
Caregivers break the silence: a participatory action research on the abuse and violence, including the impact of family separati
Presents the results of participatory action research on violence against women of colour who immigrate from less economically developed countries, such as the Philippines and the Caribbean, to work in Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP). The research documents and describes abuse and violence from the perspective of women admitted to Canada under the LCP. It addresses their vulnerability to abuse and the impact of separation from their families.
Published: 2001
Violence in society: a public health perspective
Provides background information on the scope and nature of the problem of violence as a pervasive and destructive force in society. Presents a public health perspective on violence in society. Proposes several recommendations intended for policy and decision makers who have the ability to change our approach to violence as a public health issue.
Published: 1994
Why do we think young women are committing more violent offences?
Discusses the media hype over the supposed eruption of violence among young women, as well as the Young Offenders Act and how it is failing youth. Argues that young people are best served by supportive and proactive interventions, not by incarceration. Speaks of the importance of prevention and the need for empowering and supportive services for youth not only within the criminal justice system, but in the child welfare, educational, medical, and mental health systems as well, touching on the fact that this type of prevention is far more cost-effective than current criminal justice approaches. Also deals with the problems of abuse suffered in custody and the lack of adequate services for female offenders and young women in the justice system. (See Details)
Published: 1997