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Girls, women, substance use and addiction

Argues that current trends in women’s substance use demand a concerted, women-centred response.

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Published: 2005
Cocaine use: recommendations in treatment and rehabilitation

Identifies best practices in treatment and rehabilitation for individuals with cocaine-use problems and promotes the use of effective interventions by providing information on cocaine and its effects. Provides a review of the treatment literature on pharmacological and behavioral treatment interventions, and makes recommendations for best practices.

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Published: 2000
A cappella north 2

Reports on a survey conducted that explored the lives of young women living in Yukon. Examines such questions as alcohol and drug use, sexual assault, First Nations youth, education, active living and health, and equality.

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Published: 2002
Girls, women and substance use

Summarizes the ways in which substance use and addiction differ for girls and women, and the implications of those differences for policy, research, systems and services.

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Published: 2005
Full circle: drugs, the environment and our health
Looks at the environmental contamination of rivers and lakes by chemical products from a public health perspective. Argues that the most health-promoting, cost-effective strategy for everyone is prevention. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Pharmaceuticals in our water: a new threat to public health?
Summarizes what is known about pharmaceutical and personal care products and their impact on water pollution. Describes what can be done to reverse the threat these products pose to the population's health and to the environment. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Is it safe for my baby?
Provides information about the relative risk and safety of prescription, over-the-counter and illegal drugs, along with alcohol, tobacco and other substances to the fetus during pregnancy and the baby during breastfeeding.
Published: 2003
The hidden majority: a guidebook on alcohol and other drug issues for counsellors who work with women
Presents a guidebook for counsellors. Discusses the influences and patterns of women's substance use, how it affects women and the important issues to consider when working with and/or treating women .
Published: 1996
Women and ecstacy use
Looks at women's use of ecstacy, and its impact on women's health and wellbeing. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Drifting and doing: changes in drug use among Toronto street youth, 1990-1992
Presents information on the negative effects of drug use on street youth, based on a survey of youth aged 24 years and under interviewed between February and May, 1992 in downtown Toronto.
Published: 1992