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Midwifery: building our contribution to maternity care: proceedings from the Working Symposium, May 1-2, 2002, Vancouver, Britis

Presents the proceedings of a symposium bringing together midwifery practitioners, researchers and policy makers to address professional sustainability and to facilitate further contributions to midwifery care in Canada.

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Published: 2003
Fetal alcohol syndrome and women's health: setting a women-centred research agenda, May 5-7, 2002

Summarizes discussions and recommendations from a workshop examining Fetal Alcohol Syndrome using a "women-centred care" model to develop a research agenda that offers a preventative approach.

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Published: 2002
Teenage girls and smoking: a research agenda: workshop report, Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, 2001

Presents issues relevant to research on teen girls and smoking. Throughout the two-day workshop, two significant themes emerged as being important to incorporate in all research investigating tobacco use in girls: integration and mainstreaming of sex and gender into all tobacco-related research across the four CIHR pillars plus policy research; and integration of a developmental approach to the study of smoking in girls and teenaged girls. (See Details)

Published: 2002
Midwifery in Canada: directions for research: proceeding from the National Invitational Workshop on Midwifery Research May 9-11-

Reports on conference bringing together researchers interested in midwifery to encourage exchange of ideas and information.

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Published: 2001
Building bridges: creating an integrated approach to women's health: abstracts of presentations and posters
Presents the abstracts of presentations and posters from the Building Bridges conference put on by the BC Centre of Excellence for Women's Health, April 29 - May 1, 2000 in Victoria, BC. Presentations were grouped under the following categories: Adolescent Health, Women in Midlife, Marginalized Women, Women's Health Services, Community Advocacy and Plannning, Women and Violence/Midlife Issues, Aging and Health, Perinatal, Women and Caregiving, Gender and Health Issues, Community and Housing, Holistic Practices in Women's Health, Future Action in Women's Health, Policy in Women's Health, Linking Research and Policy, Networking in Communities, Holistic Health Care, and Addictions.
Published: 2000