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An invisible epidemic: the implications of gender neutrality for managing HIV/AIDS in low-incidence countries

Discusses the role of gender in the HIV/AIDS pandemic and calls for amended health care and social policy responses to the needs and experiences of women and men.

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Published: 2006
A gender analysis of the stress experience of young Mi'kmaq women

Describes a research project that examined physical and mental stressors, and stressors related to social relationships among on-reserve young Mi'kmaq women.

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Published: 2003
An exploration of the stress experience of Mi'kmaq female youth in Nova Scotia

Explores the underlying stress experiences of Mi'kmaq young women living on reserves, and seeks to develop policy and program interventions.

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Published: 2001
An exploration of the stress experience of Mi'kmaq on-reserve female youth in Nova Scotia

Examines the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health stressors experienced by Mi'kmaq female youth.

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Published: 2001
Gender mainstreaming in HIV/AIDS: taking a multisectoral approach
Demonstrates gender differences and age patterns with individuals infected with HIV. (See Details)
Published: 2002
HIV/AIDS on rise for Canadian women
Looks at the reasons for women's increased vulnerability to HIV infection. Explores actions governments and policy-makers can take to help stem the tide of infection rates. (See Details)
Published: 2005
The gender factor: why we should be concerned about gender when we work on issues of HIV/AIDS
Aruges for a gender-based analysis of HIV/AIDS work, as the pandemic is fuelled by gender-based factors such as poverty, inequality, and power imbalances between women and men, girls and boys. (See Details)
Gender and HIV/AIDS programme: promoting a gender-based approach to HIV and AIDS policies, progarmmes and research
Argues that HIV/AIDS is a gender-based epidemic, and details the reasons for this. (See Details)
HIV/AIDS: a global epidemic
Examines the impact of HIV and AIDS on women, particularly in Africa. (See Details)