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Interviewing Inuit elders: perspectives on traditional health

Examines traditional Inuit health practices and beliefs as remembered by both North and South Baffin elders: from treatments for fractures to methods of diagnosis and attitudes toward the injured or ill. PDF to read

Published: 2001
Traditional medicine in contemporary contexts: protecting and respecting indigenous knowledge and medicine
Presents key issues evolving from an environmental scan of traditional medicine, and from focus groups with Elders and healers. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Analysis report: Inuit healing in contemporary Inuit society
Identifies and defines Inuit healing and healers in the context of abuse and violence against women and children. Argues for more emphasis on Inuit healing in order to resolve the raft of social problems plaguing Inuit communities. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Research report: applying Inuit cultural approaches in the prevention of family violence and abuse
Explores Inuit traditional values, philosophies, and practices as they pertain to the treatment and healing of both the abused and the abusers. (See Details)
Published: 2005
National strategy to prevent abuse in Inuit communities
Presents a strategy that aims for a steady reduction in incidents of violence and abuse in Inuit communities, and the eventual return of caring and respectful relationships. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Mi’kmaq women and health

This article speaks to the health issues that face the Mi'kmaq people today that are directly related to the effects of colonization. Illustrates how Mi'kmaq women are reclaiming their traditional healing role. 


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Published: 1992
Native traditions in sexual abuse healing

This article discusses the need for culturally safe and appropriate agencies. Introduces The Mooka'am program, named for the Ojibway word meaning new dawn, a program for Native survivors of sexual abuse in Toronto. 


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Published: 1993
The cultural basis of well-being

This article illustrates the influence of culture aan essential ingredient of nurses’ training.  Validates traditional knowledge.  Highlights the authors experience in creating the curriculum for The Saskatchewan Indian Community College. 

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Published: 1986
No growing pains

This article demonstrates how proper movement and handy tools can make gardening easier for people with different abilities. Tips on how to garden, what to grow, how to avoid injury. 


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Published: 1987
Healing touch

This article discusses the profound effect of touching. How touch shapes our development, mental health and sense of connectedness. Calls for healing touch.  

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Published: 1988