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Connecting systems, supporting change: transition houses, women experiencing partner violence and substance use

Discusses research that looked at the relationship between alcohol and substance use in women who experience intimate partner violence and treatment interventions made available in transition houses or shelters.

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Published: 2006
Problem substance use workbook: information and resources for effective self-management of substance use problems

Provides information and resources to help guide people with substance use issues through the process of understanding more about the impacts of problem alcohol or drug use behaviour and treatments.

Published: 2004
Best practices: treatment and rehabilitation for seniors with substance use problems

Identifies best practices related treatment and rehabilitation for seniors with substance use problems, and specialized substance abuse treatment programs for seniors in Canada.

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Published: 2002
Horizons Two. Canadian women's alcohol and other drug use: increasing our understanding

Based on a report entitled, "Women and Substance Use in Canada." Presents highlights of this report and is intended as a quick reference and resource for addictions and public health staff involved in public education and community development, policy research staff involved in preparing briefs and other informationd documents, and applied researchers who need to collect better information on women's alcohol and drug use.

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Published: 1996
Alcohol and other drug problems and B.C. women: a report to the Minister of Health from the Minister's Advisory Council on Wome
Provides a framework for addressing women's substance use focusing on women-centered care and a continuum of alcohol and drug related services. Includes recommendations. (See Details)
Published: 1997
Making connections: a booklet about women and prescription drugs and alcohol
Deals with women's use of alcohol and mood-altering prescription pills, and to some extent mood-altering over-the-counter drugs and tobacco. Examines the connections between prescription drugs, alcohol, and stress in women's lives and explains why women use prescription drugs and alcohol differently than men. Provides help to women who use prescription drugs and alcohol to avoid problems, and find support if they need it.
Published: 1995
Women and alcohol and other drugs
Prepared for the Canada-U.S.A. Women's Health Forum in 1996. Discusses incidence of alcohol, medication and illegal drug abuse and dependence for Canadian women. Presents program and policy considerations, especially the creation of gender-specific interventions. Also presents Health Canada's initiatives to reduce the harm to women caused by alcohol and other drugs.
Published: 1996
Rural women and substance use: insights from a national project in three communities
Summarizes key insights and learnings from a national project to address substance use needs and issues for rural women in selected communities across Canada.
Published: 1997
Detoxification for women with substance use problems
Explains what happens during detoxification and how detox services are provided. Underlines the specific needs and issues that effect women in regards to withdrawal management. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Women and alcohol
Provides basic information on the effects of alcohol abuse in women.
Published: 1999