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Postpartum publications and resources

Lists resources for postpartum depression sufferers. Includes support groups, websites, newsgroups, web forums, and Vancouver and lower mainland contacts.

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An introduction to postpartum illness

Describes postpartum illness. Offers a historical perspective, as well as a definition and symptoms. Discusses the common complaints of new parents. Includes possible causes, treatments and prevention strategies.

Published: 2002
Anxiety, stress and panic attacks: a guide for new mothers and fathers

Lists web sites that describe the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and panic disorders, and discusses possible causes. Includes information on determining the level of anxiety and whether it requires treatment, methods to eliminate current anxiety, and strategies to avoid future occurrences of anxiety and panic.

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Major depression

Describes major or clinical depression in the context of prenatal and postpartum health. Examines the incidence of major depression in pregnant and postpartum women, risk factors, signs and symptoms, reasons for seeking treatment, and treatment options, including social, psychological, and biological approaches.

Helping a mother through postpartum depression: for fathers, families and friends

Provides suggestions to partners, families, and friends of postpartum depression sufferers for dealing with symptoms of the illness. Gives a definition of postpartum depression and explains what may cause it. Provides a description of the primary symptoms followed by suggestions for dealing with each symptom.

Published: 1989
Self-assessment questionnaire

Provides a short questionnaire designed as a self-reporting screening tool for postpartum depression. Invites readers to discuss their responses with a PPD professional or volunteer through a link leading to an extensive, geographically categorized listing of experts in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America.

The emotional you: postpartum adjustment

Explains the emotional changes often experienced during the postpartum adjustment period, both by new mothers and by their partners. Provides background on the physical and hormonal changes that can lead to postpartum depression. Discusses the three most widely recognized forms of postpartum adjustment: the so-called "baby blues," postpartum depression, and postpartum psychosis.

Postpartum depression

Describes postpartum depression and lists its symptoms. Suggests ways women and their partners can help.

Published: 2003
Nursing best practice guideline: interventions for postpartum depression

Focuses on the confirmation, prevention, and treatment of mothers with depressive symptoms in the first postpartum year.

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Published: 2005
Antepartum and postpartum depression: healthy mom, healthy baby

Summarizes the epidemiology, clinical features, and treatment of antepartum and postpartum major depression to enable primary care clinicians to recognize and screen for perinatal mood disorders and to initiate the risk-benefit decision-making process used in treatment selection. Also helps identify patient factors that warrant psychiatric consultation.

Published: 2004