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Self esteem

Descibes what self-esteem is, how a person with high-esteem generally feels, how a person with low self-esteem generally feels, and how to help improve children's self-esteem.

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Published: 2000
Self image

Discusses self-image, what causes positive and negative self images, and the negative consequences a negative self image may have. Emphasizes that individuals often have a negative self image at some point in their lives.

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Published: 2000
Let's talk about self esteem

Talks about different issues surrounding self esteem, self image and body image.

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Published: 2000
BodyWise handbook

Provides fact sheets and resource lists designed to help health care providers and school personnel to detect eating disorders among adolescents and provide suggestions for promoting positive body image and healthy eating behaviors.

Cigarette smoking and young women's presentation of self

Explores the role and impact of smoking on self-presentation behaviours of young women, particularly in there relation to body image and self-conception.

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Published: 2000
Breasts: the women's perspective on an American obsession
Describes and explores breast fetish, defined as a culturally constructed obsession deeply interwoven with beauty standards, breastfeeding practices, and sexuality.
Published: 1998
Helping your daughter to have a healthy body image
Discusses what it means to have a negative body image, and how parents can help their daughters have and maintain a healthy body image. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Women's bodies/women's lives: health, well-being and body image
Provides alternative and potentially transforming visions through an insightful discussion of the many ways in which women can be controlled through their bodies.
Published: 2000
Exercise, physical appearance and self-esteem in adolescence
Explores some of the links between culture, diet and exercise with an emphasis on adolescents. (See Details)
Published: 1996
Self-esteem, sport and physical activity (abridged version)
Examines the link between low self-esteem and lack of physical activity among adolescent women. Offers tips to make physical activity more empowering for young women. (See Details)
Published: 1993