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Why do we think young women are committing more violent offences?
Discusses the media hype over the supposed eruption of violence among young women, as well as the Young Offenders Act and how it is failing youth. Argues that young people are best served by supportive and proactive interventions, not by incarceration. Speaks of the importance of prevention and the need for empowering and supportive services for youth not only within the criminal justice system, but in the child welfare, educational, medical, and mental health systems as well, touching on the fact that this type of prevention is far more cost-effective than current criminal justice approaches. Also deals with the problems of abuse suffered in custody and the lack of adequate services for female offenders and young women in the justice system. (See Details)
Published: 1997
Young women with breast cancer in Canada
Provides a web site that includes information to support young women with breast cancer and young women who are breast cancer survivors. (See Details)
Published: 2004-
Young women and alcohol abuse: a look at trends, consequences, influences and prevention approaches

This article is adapted from Girl-Centred Approaches to Prevention, Harm Reduction, and Treatment and Heavy Alcohol Use Among Girls and Young Women: Highlights of Findings from Literature Review and Web Search. It illustrates how increasing attention is being brought to the issue of substance use by girls and young women, and the associated health and social consequences of heavy drinking, smoking cigarettes, as well as the use of both licit and illicit substances. Local, national, and international data now show that the gender gap in substance use is closing.

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Published: Spring/Summer 2010