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Telling it like it is: realities of parenting in poverty

Brings together 15 low-income mothers of preschool-aged children describing their challenges and the changes they would like to see in their community.

Published: 2001
Guidelines for parenting skills programs for federally sentenced women

Describes a set of guidelines developed to assist in the development of parenting skills programs for federally sentenced women (FSW). The Guidelines include information on the principles behind FSW programming, contextual information on FSW and their children, philosophy and principles which should guide FSW parenting programming, recommended program content, information on existing programs which match the principles of FSW parenting programming, evaluation issues, and resources. PDF is available.

Published: 1995
Parenting roles and experiences of abuse in women offenders: review of the offender intake assessments

Explores and outlines trends regarding parenting roles and experiences of abuse among women offenders based on data available in the Offender Intake Assessments (OIA). Offers an updated look at issues that are relevant to women offenders such as mothering and histories of abuse. Results support the necessity to continue to assist women in dealing with issues that may stem from their histories of abuse and in their roles as mothers. Concludes with recommendations for future research.

Published: 1999
Parenting: rights and responsibilities of young parents

Provides information to help youth and young parents to understand their rights and responsibilities when facing pregnancy and parenthood. May take a little while to load.

Published: 2005
Mothers as earners, mothers as carers: responsibility for children, social policy and the tax system

Examines and recommends how taxation can be used as an instrument of social policy to further women's equality, reduce their economic vulnerability and support mothers as earners and carers.

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Published: 2001
Unsure about your pregnancy?: a guide to making the right decision for you

Lists options available to pregnant women and poses questions about plans, values, and feelings to help in deciding which option to choose. Suggests where to get more information and help.

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Published: 1992
"We did it together": low-income mothers working toward a healthier community

Analyzes the determinants of health as they contribute to poverty of low-income mothers and their children. Makes recommendations to create more effective health promotion programs.

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Published: 2001
Lesbian mothering
Looks at personal experiences in creating a lesbian family.
Published: 1999
The mother of all baby books: an all-Canadian guide to baby's first year
Provides "the instruction manual that Mother Nature forgot to include with the new arrival-a hands-on guide to coping with the joys and challenging of caring for your new baby."
Published: 2001
The parenting book for persons with a disability
Offers practical advice and information to individuals and families as they anticipate the steps and stages in their child's life.
Published: 1999