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Creating homes for healthy living: a comparison of housing models for women

Briefly reports on a research project that studied the effects of changing housing policies on the health of women.

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Published: 2005
Women need safe, stable, affordable housing: a study of social housing, private rental housing and co-op housing in Winnipeg

Documents the effects of different housing policies on Winnipeg women's health and well being, economic security, and skills.

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Published: 2004
Hammer and nails project: women and housing issues: action research report

Examines gender issues of low income women looking for safe and secure housing in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Published: 2002
Count us in! Inclusion and homeless women in downtown east Toronto

Describes many of the barriers homeless and underhoused women face, and highlights their solutions for making health and social services more inclusive.

Published: 2006
Housing for people with mental disorders and addictions

Looks at the experiences of people with mental disorders and addictions with substandard, or even dangerous, housing.

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Published: 2003
On her own: young women and homelessness in Canada

Explores the causes, demographics and patterns of homelessness among young women (aged 12 to 24) in Canada.

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Published: 2002
Building capacity: enhancing women's economic participation through housing

Examines whether affordable housing development and provision can be used to increase skill levels and employability for low-income women.

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Published: 2000
Housing policy options for women living in urban poverty: an action research project in three Canadian cities

Documents the housing concerns of women who live on low incomes in Victoria, Regina and Saint John, and proposes options for urban policy makers to consider in addressing these concerns.

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Published: 2001
Left in the cold: women, health and the demise of social housing policies

Details housing policies and their effect on women's health and their experiences with living in or have lived in sub-standard housing.

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Published: 2001
Home sweet home? The impact of poor housing on health
Looks at the impact poor housing has on health, focusing on three main areas: housing deprivation impacts on overall health; the link between overcrowding and respiratory and infectious disease; and, housing deprivation and health in the context of other possible influences on health.
Published: 1999