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Women, mental health, mental illness and addiction in Canada: an overview

Provides information about issues in women’s mental health, illness and addictions, such as women-centred care, trauma and violence, depression, and more, and makes recommendations for the next steps.

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Published: 2006
Broadening our understanding of violence against women: lesbian experience and fat-oppression

Argues that lesbophobia and fat-oppression work together to einforce violence against women of all body shapes and sizes and across the continuum of sexual orientation.

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Published: 1993
Prevention of eating disorders: a dilemma

Discusses factors that have limited the success of programs to prevent eating disorders among teenage girls. Suggests strategies that may help, and identifies the need for better prevention resources. Lists educational kits for school-aged children.

Published: 1993
How do I recognize an eating disorder?

Lists common warning signs of an eating disorder, including typical behaviours for people struggling with bulimia or anorexia nervosa.

ANAB information and support line

Describes a confidential phone service in Kingston, Ontario for people who want support or information about eating disorders.


Looks at women's mental health and addictions issues, including eating disorders, mothering, rural issues, benzodiazepines, and workplaces.

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Published: 2004
BodyWise handbook

Provides fact sheets and resource lists designed to help health care providers and school personnel to detect eating disorders among adolescents and provide suggestions for promoting positive body image and healthy eating behaviors.

Eating disorders and body image

Provides statistical data on eating disorders and body dissatisfaction. Looks at some of the warning signs of eating disorders, and the elements of successful treatment plans.

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Published: 2003
Eating disorders project North$File/BC403.pdf

Provides a summary of activities and outcomes that arosing from the Eating Disorders Project North that aimed to build capacity in communities to decrease the incidence and severity of eating disorders.

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Published: 2000
Consuming identities: young women, eating disorders and the media

Addresses how media images influence young women's emerging self–concepts. Examines the relation between identity and eating disorders. Identifies gaps in literature and explores ways to improve prevention.

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Published: 2000