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The invisible, visible homelessness in a rural BC community
Examines contributing factors to homelessness in the Smithers, BC area, as well as barriers to overcoming the problem of homelessness. Also looks at which groups make up the homeless, including women, youth and First Nations persons. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Family violence and homelessness: an Aboriginal woman's perspective
Argues that an examination of the direct correlation between family violence and the varying degrees of homelessness among Aboriginal peoples is missing. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Common occurrence: the impact of homelessness on women's health: phase II: community-based action research - final report
Examines the question of women and homelessness (visible and hidden) in Toronto. Demonstrates that homelessness is a women's health issue. Provides recommendations for the health care system to improve its responsiveness and effectiveness in supporting women.
Published: 2002
Women and housing in Canada: barriers to equality
Discusses federal government programs and policies from the standpoint of the particular barriers facing low income women in meeting their housing needs. Situates women's homelessness within the context of women's poverty and it thus assesses not only programs and policies related to housing, but also those related to income support. Offers recommendations and presents innovative strategies through which the federal government could respond to the growing crisis of women's homelessness in Canada. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Shared learnings on homelessness: programs, resources, and community solutions
Presents a web site with practical tools, resources and information sharing for frontline staff, managers and volunteers working to address the problem of homelessness in their communities. (See Details)
Published: 2006
In from the margins: a call to action on poverty, housing and homelessness

Senate report based on the testimony from a myriad of expert witnesses, site visits, roundtables and from those living in poverty and homelessness. Concludes that "far too many Canadians living in cities live below any measure of the poverty line; that too many people struggle to find and maintain affordable housing; and that an increasing number of Canadians are homeless". Finds that despite the thoughtful efforts and many promising practices of governments’, the private sector, and community organizations, that are helping many Canadians, the system that is intended to lift people out of poverty is substantially broken, often entraps people in poverty, and needs an overhaul. Includes 72 recommendations for action on poverty and homelessness.

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Published: 2009