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Connecting systems, supporting change: transition houses, women experiencing partner violence and substance use

Discusses research that looked at the relationship between alcohol and substance use in women who experience intimate partner violence and treatment interventions made available in transition houses or shelters.

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Published: 2006
Family violence in Canada: a statistical profile 2006

Provides current data on the nature and extent of family violence in Canada. Focuses on the criminal history of persons charged with spousal violence over a 10-year timeframe (1995 to 2004).

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Published: 2006
Violence: the many forms

Discusses various forms of violence against women, including psychological and verbal abuse, date rape, and violence in teen relationships. Provides the phone numbers of help lines in Quebec which offer support, information, and referral to appropriate services.

Aboriginal shelters in Canada

Provides a listing of Aboriginal shelters for each province and territory.

Published: 2004
Women's rights for a safer tomorrow

Provides a handbook for women who are being abused by their partner. Includes information about the law and services available in Alberta.

Published: 2002
Effective practices in sheltering women leaving violence in intimate relationships: phase II report 2006
Examines the nature of partner abuse, what women hope to gain from emergency shelter residence, what services they receive and whether these are useful.
Published: 2006
Transition houses: do they meet the needs of older women?
Discusses the needs of abused older women and the difficulties they face in transition houses. Indicates the need to develop programs specifically for older women. (See Details)
Violence against women in New Brunswick
Provides statistical data on woman abuse incidents, sentences for woman abuse, transition housing residents, spousal homicides, sexual assault, and elder abuse in New Brunswick. (See Details)
Published: 2006
What to do if you are abused and/or battered
Describes mental, physical and sexual abuse. Outlines practical strategies for leaving and discusses alternatives once a woman has left her abuser, including staying at a women's shelter. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Study of shelter needs of abused older women
Determines the priority needs and service gaps for abused older women and identifies the types of changes that are required for existing shelter services.
Published: 1998