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Women of color
Special issue of the American Journal of Public Health: deals with issues of the health of women of colour in various papers. Reports on conference convened by Martha Hargraves in May 2001 on Eliminating health disparities among minority women. Provides overview of social embeddedness of health. Also examines areas such as future health needs of women of colour, rural health and women of colour, and research and practice issues with women of colour (including papers on cancers, Hepatitis C, HIV, mammography, mortality, and racial discrimination).
Published: 2002
Sharing our experience
Provides a collection of stories that speak to the diverse experience of racial minority and Aboriginal women.
Published: 1993
Inclusive social policy development: ideas for practitioners
Looks at ways to help make organizations more inclusive of diversity considerations. (See Details)
Published: 1997
Caring for/caring about: women, home care, and unpaid caregiving
Explores the nature of caring in Canada, and examines reseach on women, home care and unpaid caregiving. Identifies the social conditions under which caregiving is undertaken. Also examines the experiences of women who care.
Published: 2004
Synopsis of the Aboriginal Women's Health Report: 1995
Includes sysnopses of presentations given at a workshop in held in Winnipeg in 1995 regarding Aboriginal women's health issues. Also includes recommendations prepared at the workshop to improve the status of Aboriginal health, and in particualr, the health status of Aboriginal women.
Published: 1996
Stolen sisters: a human rights response to discrimination and violence against Indigenous women in Canada
Looks at the factors that have contributed to a heightened risk of violence against Aboriginal women in Canada. Examines the role of discrimination. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Women of color health data book
Examines factors affecting the health and assessemtn of women of colour, as well as issues related to improving the health of women of colour in the United States. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Women call for culturally rooted remedies
Reports on the Wisdom of Native Women Wellness Conference, a gathering of multiple nations of Aboriginal women to address their health and wellness concerns put on by the Aboriginal Women of Montreal. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Health Canada women's health forum: focus group report
Investigates the views of a wide range of Canadian women in advance of the 1996 Canada-USA Women's Health Forum. In order to shape the content of the Women's Health Forum with input from Canadian Women, Health Canada commissioned eleven focus groups of women from all walks of life to identify their needs, issues, priorities, and concerns about their health. This study's objectives are: to assess the level of understanding of the issues; to identify the current priorities in the area of women's health; to identify the key concerns for each of the issues identified by Health Canada; to identify what gaps there are in the issues addressed by the Forum agenda; to identify the sources of health information currently being received, and to provide an opportunity to help develop the agenda, deliberations, and possible conference outcomes.
Published: 1996
Original Aboriginal$FILE/Feature-Kecia%20%5B8-11%5D.pdf
Presents the personal story of an Aboriginal woman living with HIV. Lists Aboriginal HIV/AIDS resources. (See Details)
Published: 2001