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Labels, laws and access to health care: how history continues to affect health-care access for First Nations and Métis women

Describes the Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence report, Entitlements and Health Services for First Nations and Métis Women in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Discusses how access to health services differs among Aboriginal people and how understanding the history behind these differences and what they mean for women is critical to improving health services used by Aboriginal women.

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Published: Spring/Summer 2008
Paradoxes and contradictions in health policy reform: implications for First Nations women

When governments invite the public to participate in consultations to reform health care and other policies, they generally represent themselves as calling upon citizens to engage in a social, but apolitical process. This study questions this representation by rethinking how policy is formulated and enacted and by rethinking how Aboriginal women are regarded when they engage in the health care system.

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Published: 2008
Understanding and improving Aboriginal maternal and child health in Canada (in Inuktitut)

A report in Inuktitut based on a series of seven regional sessions across Canada that were organized to learn what programs and strategies are making a difference in the health of Aboriginal mothers and young children. A large proportion of participants were frontline health care workers and the commentary offers a window into the experiences and insights of people who work with and provide care to Aboriginal women and young children. The goal of the report is to create a better understanding of and support for programs and initiatives that have the potential to reduce health disparities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians.

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Published: 2011