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Violence: the many forms

Discusses various forms of violence against women, including psychological and verbal abuse, date rape, and violence in teen relationships. Provides the phone numbers of help lines in Quebec which offer support, information, and referral to appropriate services.

Frequently asked questions about sexual assault

Gives the legal definition of sexual assault. Suggests actions that might reduce the occcurence of sexual assault. Provides a list of steps to follow if a sexual assualt has occured, and advice on how to help a victim of sexual assualt.

Statistics sheet: sexual assault

Provides statistics on Canadian women who have experienced sexual or physical violence, and the reporting of sexual assault.

Report by the Women and Justice Tripartite Committee

Provides recommendations aimed at the training and role of police officers and of Attorney General's prosecutors working with Aboriginal women victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Published: 2003
Restorative justice

Examines recent changes in the way domestic violence is handled in the judicial system. Also defines the issue of restorative justice (alternate dispute resolution) and discusses its use in cases of domestic and sexual violence. PDF required to read.

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Published: 2000
A prospective cohort study of HIV post-exposure prophlaxis for sexual assault victims/survivors

Examines the feasibility of a standardized program of HIV counseling for all sexual assault clients and offering post-exposure prophlaxis (PEP) to those at risk. Also determines HIV PEP acceptance and completion rates and establishes their predictors.

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Published: 2006
Challenges in implementing an HIV-I post-exposure prophylaxis program for sexually assaulted persons in Ontario, Canada

Examines the challenges of implementing a program of universal offering HIV post-exposure prophlaxis to at-risk sexually assaulted person's presenting to Ontario's hospital-based Sexual Assault /Domestic Violence Treatment Centres.

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Published: 2006
Beyond victims and villains: addressing sexual violence in the education sector

Discusses sexual violence as it occurs within schools and universities. Discusses strategies to eliminate sexual violence within educational institutions.

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Published: 2003
What do YOU think? A youth peer information package on violence

Develped to help young people educate themselves and their peers about violence and to introduce publications, films and organizations that can inform youth about violence. Provides basic information, raises questions, and promotes discussion and reflection.

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Published: 1999
A cappella north 2

Reports on a survey conducted that explored the lives of young women living in Yukon. Examines such questions as alcohol and drug use, sexual assault, First Nations youth, education, active living and health, and equality.

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Published: 2002