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Social determinants of mental health disparities among new mothers

Reports on research looking at the fundamental causes of mental health disparities among different groups of new mothers. Also presents some preliminary data on mental well-being among these women.

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Published: 2006
Mothers caring for children with cancer

Explores the specific caring tasks that mothers of children with cancer perform and captured the women's perceptions of the health impact of those tasks.

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Published: 2002
Study of the mother-child program

Discusses the issue of mother-child separation and the existing mother-child program for federally sentenced women. Reveals because of the complexity of living situations experienced by mothers and children; each mother-child group is a unique case and must be treated individually using recognized assessment tools. Recommends that new strategies are needed that would be better suited to the culture and specific needs of mothers serving a federal sentence and their children

Published: 1995
Mothers as earners, mothers as carers: responsibility for children, social policy and the tax system

Examines and recommends how taxation can be used as an instrument of social policy to further women's equality, reduce their economic vulnerability and support mothers as earners and carers.

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Published: 2001
Mothers and sons
Consists of the newest and best scholarship on mothers and mothering as well as original poetry and book reviews.
Published: 2000
Redefining motherhood: changing identities and patterns
Challenges the familiar cultural image of the "good" mother through a feminist collection of essays. Showing how constricting and damaging that stereotype is, the contributors replace an unreal, narrow deal with the complexity and diversity of real mothers' lives. Drawing from their broad range of backgrounds and experiences, the writers show the many and varied ways in which women are transforming motherhood.
Published: 1998
Lesbian mothering
Looks at personal experiences in creating a lesbian family.
Published: 1999
Cold comfort: mothers, professionals, and attention deficit disorder
Provides a contextualized study of how mothers negotiate with/against the 'helping professions' over assessment and treatment for their AD(H)D children.
Published: 2003
Double jeopardy: motherwork and the law
Shows how the law fails to take into consideration the many different circumstances under which women mother and the work they do. Argues that law and social policy can serve mothers better by reflecting these realities and guaranteeing their right to social and economic security.
Published: 2001
State of the world's mothers 2001
Published: 2001