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Feminism: our basis for unity

Contains information and tools informed by decades of women's experiences and understanding of feminism and the feminist movement. Intended as a discussion guide for women and organizations involved or interested in equality-seeking work.

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Published: 2003
Cyberfeminism: from theory to practice

Defines 'cyberfeminism' and discusses the role the Internet can play in the women's movement.

Published: 2006
Women's movements and state feminism: integrating diversity into public policy

Examines the relationship between women's movements and state feminism in order to explore the opportunities and constraints for integrating diversity questions into public policy making.

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Published: 2001
Women and social change: feminist activism in Canada
Describes feminist politics and activism in Canada.
Published: 1991
Turbo chicks: talking your feminisms
Provides essays on feminism from various young women.
Published: 2001
Report on the use of the Internet in Canadian women's organizations
Investigates the use of the Internet in women's organizations across Canada providing an overview of equity issues regarding computer networking for women. Also provides a brief overview of technical issues and costs associated with connecting to the Internet. Inventory of current women's networking projects in Canada, both english and french, specific to women, as well as exemplary projects in an international context are covered. Access to the Internet by Canadian women's groups is surveyed, in order to ascertain the types of women's groups that are not connected to the Internet, any common funding requests, and the particular needs of francophone women with respect to connecting to the Internet.
Published: 1996
Out of the ivory tower: feminist research for social change
Provides a collection of essays on women's relationships to their bodies, history, public and private spaces and new technologies.
Published: 2003
Young women speak out: 1992 symposium report
Identifies priority issues raised by young women: racism, self-esteem, education, feminism and sexism, the media, disabilities, teenage mothers and poverty, and violence.
Published: 1992
Practicing feminist ethics in psychology
Describes feminist ethics in psychology to a broad number of arenas such as teaching, cases of dual or overlapping relationships, antiracist and multicultural education, research, forensic work, and technology.
Published: 1999
Gender, race, and nation: a global perspective
Discusses opening scholarship to the experiences of women in all of their diversity, making links between the differences in local contexts and global contexts, and relating to other women with the understanding of each woman's relative position in terms of power and privilege to facilitate coalition building and develop strategies to address issues of common concern to usher in a just and caring world for all.
Published: 2002