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Catching our breath: a journal about change for women who smoke

Offers a unique approach to helping women overcome some of the problems they face with their use of tobacco. Provides help to women who want to reduce the amount they smoke, quit smoking, learn more about why they smoke, and learn ways to relax and cope without smoking. Inspires women to ask why did she start smoking, what purpose does smoking serve, can she learn to live happily without her cigarettes, and does quitting smoking really matter.

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Published: 1990, 1997
Someone like me: women helping women through self-help groups

Discusses the benefits and limitations of women participating in self-help groups.

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Published: 1998
Ontario support groups

Provides contact information for local breast cancer organizations in Ontario which offer information, self-help, and support. Also lists Ontario-wide and Canada-wide organizations offering a range of breast cancer services.

Mental disorders toolkit

Provides information to help people who already know that they have a mental disorders develop skills to manage their illness on their own.

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Published: 2003
Resources on confidentiality for self-help/mutual aid support groups

Provides a collection of resources to help groups take steps to build clarity and commitment about confidentiality within their groups. Includes an introductory fact sheet, planning guides, help sheets, and group activity sheets.

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Published: 2003
Helping you helps me: a guide book for self-help groups
Presents a practical guide to starting and maintaining new self-help groups or improving existing ones. Outlines different ideas about self-help, and tells about some different kinds of self-help groups. Also explains why self-help works, and what it can and can't do.
Published: 1987
Increasing the use of self-help programs and mental health empowerment capacities
Discusses a two-pronged approach to increase the use of self-help programs and mental health empowerment competencies. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Self help groups
Describes the benefits of self help groups to HIV positive women. Provides information and guidelines for those wishing to set up a self help group. (See Details)
Helping ourselves: a handbook for women starting groups
Provides information on what women need to know before starting a self-help group, how to assess if self-help is for them, how to contact other women to begin a group, how to start, how to develop skills, and how to end a group.
Published: 1985
Uncovering sex and gender differences in use patterns of self-help and support groups: annotated bibliography and research agend
Studies the roles and values of self-help/support groups by examining their issues through sex and gender analysis. (See Details)
Published: 2005