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From recognition to action: gender-based analysis and mainstreaming in HIV/AIDS

Argues that a gender-based analysis framework is needed to evaluate responses to the HIV pandemic's gender dimensions.

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Published: 2006
An invisible epidemic: the implications of gender neutrality for managing HIV/AIDS in low-incidence countries

Discusses the role of gender in the HIV/AIDS pandemic and calls for amended health care and social policy responses to the needs and experiences of women and men.

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Published: 2006
Gender equity lens resource document

Provides an annotated bibliography that references and describes a variety of information sources relating to MCEWH's gender equity lens project.

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Published: 1999
Lessons from the field: policy makers and gender-based analysis tools in Canada

Studies the development and uptake of the federal government's policy to conduct gender-based analysis on all its policies and legislation.

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Published: 1998
Centring women's diverse interests in health policy and practice: a comparative discussion of gender analysis
Reviews approaches to mainstreaming gender analysis in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Western Europe. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Gender planning: developing an operational framework for en-gendering healthy public policy
Examines initiatives designed to effect change and to support the integration of gender analysis into mainstream policies and programs. (See Details)
Published: 1999
The changing face of HIV/AIDS in Canada: the rising risk for women
Presents general information on HIV/AIDS statistics among women in Canada. (See Details)
Gender-based analysis and HIV/AIDS: checklist
Argues for the use of gender-based analysis as a framework for analysing and developing HIV/AIDS policies, programs and research. Provides a GBA checklist. (See Details)
The gender factor: why we should be concerned about gender when we work on issues of HIV/AIDS
Aruges for a gender-based analysis of HIV/AIDS work, as the pandemic is fuelled by gender-based factors such as poverty, inequality, and power imbalances between women and men, girls and boys. (See Details)
Made to measure: executive summaries
Contains the executive summaries of the synthesis papers prepared for the National Symposium "Made to Measure: Designing Research, Policy and Action Approaches to Eliminate Gender Inequity" held October 3-6, 1999 in Halifax, NS.
Published: 1999