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Voluntary sector public policy toolbox
Created to help non profit organizations participate in the Canadian public policy development process. Provides resources on effective policy development, information gathering, advocacy, becoming involved in the policy process, and government relations. Provides case studies and useful resources. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Consumer/survivor community participation
Discusses the benefits of community participation for mental health consumers, and includes tips. (See Details)
Published: 2003
The new girls' movement: implications for youth programs
Presents the key findings from this participatory evaluation project and identifies vital indicators and critical components of effective girls' programs.
Published: 2001
Virtual organizing, real change: women's groups using the Internet
Presents a compilation of stories from women's groups who are using the Internet in their work for women's equality.
Published: 1997
Resource kit for women with disabilities
Provides information regarding the status of disabled women and men with an international perspective. Describes a list of social concerns along with a list of strategies for change. Concludes with a list of organizations to contact for more information. (See Details)
The busy woman's guide to the Internet: activism and research on-line
Provides resources and inspiration for women to use the Internet to promote women's equality in human rights. Includes tips on how to get started on the Internet, getting acquainted with the World Wide Web (WWW), and how to be part of the Internet community.
Published: 1999
Reclaiming the future: women's strategies for the 21st century
Presents a compilation of Canadian feminists' views of the future of the women's movement and women's future in general.
Published: 1999
Earth, air and water: women fight for the environment in india

This article explores stories of women fighting for the environment in India; the nonviolent ecological movement in Uttar Pradesh, the great Bhopal tragedy and the 34 year fisherfolk agitation witnessed in the state of Kerala. Connections made between women, poverty and victims of environmental destruction.


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Published: 1989
The politics of artificial light

 This article addresses our increased dependency on artificial light, specifically fluorescent light. Describes how this increased dependency came to be. identifies how this change in our environment has impacted our bodies and biological rhythms. Explains how artificial light differs from the sun. 

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Published: 1982